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3 Rivers is thrilled to share our facilities with Hardeman County residents and businesses and Quanah ISD. Our buildings are available for rental for your events.

Contact our Quanah Office - 204 Main Street - 940-663-2702

3 Rivers Ballroom - 210 Main Street


In the middle of historic downtown Quanah, Texas sits the 3 Rivers Ballroom. A fully renovated

building with plenty of room to host weddings, birthdays, dances, concerts and more.  

3 Rivers Foyer - 216 Main Street

A more intimate setting for smaller gatherings. Perfect for wedding or

baby showers, business meetings, and receptions.

3 Rivers John Deere Building - 200 Mercer

In what was a former tractor house, this indoor/outdoor facility is still under construction.

It is available for different occasions. This facility hosts the annual Dove Fest,

as well as local pizza parties in custom made brick ovens.

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