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         PRAIRIE WILD™



Come join us where bison, wolves, and prairie chickens long disappeared from, but the coyotes, rabbits, badgers, bobcats, meadowlarks, red-tailed hawks and some waterfowl are still around. Insects, especially grasshoppers during the summer love calling this place home. You might be treated to the smell of a chocolate daisy or feel the softness of little bluestem grass that long ago you could play hide and seek in. We even have soil that helps us breathe. This is Prairie Wild!  Where we are putting kids and adults in touch with the nature and the history around them and where imagination can run wild. 


This program engages students and adults in interdisciplinary environmental and conservation education while providing engaging hands-on opportunities. The foundation of Prairie Wild is to develop a sense of wonder, as well as instill a commitment to act responsibly involving all wildlife.


Our main campus is 700-acres and includes a Beaver Pond and established hiking trails, including a forthcoming larger indoor classroom.


For more information about this program contact Christena:


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