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3RF™ relies on the good work of many volunteers. Without their staunch support, our outreach efforts—particularly at school and public astronomy events—would be greatly reduced.


Whether you are interested in astronomy, astrophotography, science, or nature, the Comanche Springs Astronomy Campus of 3RF has something fun and interesting to offer you. Come see the stars at one of our public star parties each month or check out one of our many educational programs. We also have a variety of great activities available including hiking, camping, bird watching, science and nature programs - just check our brand new activities page! We are located in an amazing dark sky area and you’ll be in awe! Come out and let us show you the stars!

3RF Sciences, LLC, supports science education via activities at Comanche Springs Astronomy Campus, outreach at schools in our local service area and in partnerships with other organizations. In addition to unique capabilities in Astronomy, we offer facilities and curricula to engage students in hands-on activities related to The Plains as an integrated ecosystem.

Recent additions to our campus include family cabins, a permanent restroom/shower facility, four bunkhouses, and a larger indoor classroom. Generous grants from The Priddy Foundation and The Gene Conley Foundation of Wichita Falls and interested individuals allow us to reach thousands of students annually from Pre-Kindergarten through College. Our partner organizations and a large network of dedicated volunteers enrich the activities that students enjoy through 3RF Sciences.

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