Observing Conditions at CSAC


99.9572° W 33.9930° N 99° 57′ 25.8 W 33° 59′ 34.9N 1,600 ft. / 488 m.
 NWS Radar Loop from Lubbock, Texas                                                 NWS Radar Loop from Frederick, Oklahoma
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Satellite Passes over Comanche SpringsOrbital Positions of the HST and ISS

Iridium Flares

Satellite Passes

Hubble Passes

View from above satellite

ISS passes
The position of ISS
Live Solar Imagery
NSO Sunspot
white light

NSO Sunspot H-Alpha
NASCOM Calcium III{Ca II K thumbnail image of the solar chromosphere}NASCOM -
Magnetogram{Thumbnail image of a solar photospheric magnetogram}
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NWS Radar Loop from Lubbock, Texas                                                                                            NWS Radar Loop from Frederick, Oklahoma