Volunteer Information

3RF relies on the good work of many volunteers. Without their staunch support, our outreach efforts—particularly at school and public astronomy events—would be greatly reduced.

To qualify as a 3RF volunteer:

  • Participate in at least three 3RF events prior to official designation as 3RF Volunteer
  • Participate in a 1-hour Orientation Training
  • Be able to demonstrate general knowledge in your field of volunteer work AND to present such knowledge to public in a polite, simple and helpful manner
  • Astronomy volunteers should develop proficiency with one or more of our telescope/binocular systems
  • Participate in at least one 3RF outreach event per year
  • Assist with equipment set up prior to an event, and equipment disassembly afterward
  • Demonstrate the highest regard & safety for 3RF visitors, equipment, and facilities


  • Once selected as a 3RF VOLUNTEER, overnight accommodations and dinner on the day of the event will be provided
  • Once selected as a 3RF VOLUNTEER, a logo shirt will be provided to be worn @ any 3RF activity
  • Volunteers may use 3RF equipment for their own purposes after a public event ends