Educational Outreach

Engaging students and teachers in hands-on educational outreach opportunities

Our mission at 3RF is to promote globally competitive education in the arts and sciences to rural communities. As an institution committed to promoting and fostering arts and science education, the Three Rivers Foundation (3RF) is aware of and dedicated to its role in community education and enrichment. To promote globally competitive education in the arts and sciences to rural communities, public programming is one means of fulfilling this vital aspect of the 3RF mission.

The Education department of the Three Rivers Foundation exists to research, develop, conduct and evaluate programs for students, teachers and the public that interpret and disseminate knowledge about astronomy and other sciences, natural history, nature conservancy and art.

All 3RF education programs are generously supported by the Gene Conley Foundation.

StarSTruck® Programs - Follow us to the Stars

Bring astronomy to your classroom with this hands-on program.

  • TEKS-aligned lessons
  • Grade-appropriate hands-on science activities
  • World-class astronomy equipment and safe views of the sun during astronomy-specific programs

By reservation only. To make reservations, please contact 3RF by email at info@3rf.org or sciences@3rf.org or by telephone at 940-684-1670.

Supported in part by a generous grant from the Gene Conley Foundation.

Additional On-Campus School Programs for PreK-5th Grade

3RF provides unique, custom hands-on TEK based science labs available on your school campus for grade levels PreK-5th addressing a variety of topics including physical, earth, and life sciences. Contact 3RF for additional information and to set up an appointment.

Comanche Springs School Field Trips

3RF provides engaging, meaningful field trips for all age groups. Contact 3RF for additional information.

STAAR Bootcamps

This program is an interactive, hands-on review at Comanche Springs Astronomy Campus for 5th and 8th grade students to prepare them for Science STAAR mastery.