Astronomy at Comanche Springs

Come “See astronomy in a new light” at Comanche Springs!

The inherent mystery of the vast expanses of the Universe captures the imaginations of young students and provides a significant avenue to develop interest in math and science. Perhaps more importantly, astronomy gives perspective of our place in the cosmos.

We offer some of the largest and most advanced telescope equipment available to the amateur astronomer, from the largest, privately owned collection of Obsession Dobsonian telescopes to the amazing 25 x 150mm Fujinon binoculars. In fact, 3RF can provide telescopic views through equipment as large as 30” aperture!

You shouldn’t miss the opportunity to catch a glimpse of the heavens through one of the largest refractors in the South, the recently rebuilt 15” D&G achromat. Other equipment includes Stellarvue, Tele Vue, Takahashi refractors, the 8″ TMB apochromatic refractor, SBIG imaging CCDs, Coronado H-Alpha Solar filters/scopes, several Skyrover Starchairs, and a number of CouchPotato binocular chairs by Sim Picheloup of Houston, TX.

Our 3RF StarSTruck™ brings astronomy to those who can’t make the drive to Comanche Springs. This program is available to groups ranging from public and private schools, universities, astronomy clubs, scouting groups or any group that is interested in Astronomy education. Please visit our StarSTruck™ page for more information. These mobile “observatories” will service the North Texas area bounded by Lubbock, Abilene and Terrell to the south and east, and northward to the Red River. Our Astronomy department offers workshops several times annually in such subjects as astrophotography, equipment use and maintenance, and science topics such as Astrophysics in a nutshell. Staff, visiting astronomers and expert volunteers serve as instructors.

To learn more about our 3RF volunteer program, click here.